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I am a  Jack Russel Terrier X. Born on Ireland in Killkenny sometimes in april 2002. Have a wonderful temperament. I am very social, activ and have easy to learn things and want to play a lot. Want always to follow my Mistress and Master all the time.

Where and how I am born is shrouded in fog and also who I was living by first. Myself I cant remember and no one can tell. It was a very kindly women in Killkenny who took care of me when I was chasing the dangerus but cousy cars there. Neverneverland adverticed on internet about me and my Master saw it and sent a mail that they really wanted to have me. They had already booked a little JRT-puppy (8 weeks old). If they should get me then they should cancel him. It was lucky for me otherwise I might had been put to death.

I came to Arlanda at 29 december. When my master saw me there, he was very very glad. It was exactly  sutch a dog he had wanted it to be. We are working very well together, often taking a little nap after the breakfast. After a hour or so hes going up fixing a cup of coffe and I am laying in my basket sleeping a little bit more.  After that we are going out for a walk for a hour or two, meeting other dogs and their mistresses or taking with farmers living near us.  When my master is studying I play with my balls or something like that.

I have trained my master so he is very good in throwing balls so I have very fun. Hi hi he thinks he has trained me to fetch the balls  and so on but it is only what he thinks. When I pretend to do that he is going to take his time with me and we have very fun togehter. When my Mistress is coming home I rush out and meet her. She gets a kiss or two and I geting a hugh hug. Its often my Mistress, who is going out with me in the mornings and evenings. Then we are often meeting some kind of animals or I find a hole after a rabbit or vole wich are very interesting to examinate. I am always taking in the morningpaper to my Master and I get a bit of sausage or two. The best thing was when I drive away two big elks, guess how scared they were for me, he he and still they were so mutch bigger than me. I am also keeping away the wild boars from our garden. They are often going near the house in the nights. Some day I am going to catch them...... 

Now when the spring has come I am runing out almoust the whole day when my master is working out in the garden or doing something other mysteroius things. I am always founding out new things to do and new holes to examinate and checking so that no moles or other such things will come in to our garden. Often are my Master or my Mistress throwing away the freesbe when I am looking so praying on it.

As you can see all people are very tired when they are with me, they say I am so sooting, what they are meening with that ....


Autumn 04 have we been on dogmeetings with 5 other dogs and a Mr called Kjell wich have learned us a lot of new things and especialy for my Master and Mistress. It has been very fun to meet all the other dogs.

You can see pictures of it if you click here.

What do you think about my new dogcoat which you can see on the picture below.  I am from Ireland and am not so used with cold vinters and a lot of snow. It is very soft and cosy so now I am not freezing and can enjoy the snow.




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